In a better world, I would not have learned of Joe Simon’s 98th birthday today via Facebook at 8 PM.

In a better world, there would be multiple news articles streaming through Google News chronicling the amazing contributions Joe Simon has made to comics, an American art form.

In a better world, network news would report on how he co-created Captain America, how he helped pioneer the genres of romance and horror comics.  There would be a slightly embarrassing picture of Brother Power the Geek and Prez.

In a better world, publishers of his work would celebrate his past work on their homepages.  In a better world, comics news sites would offer week-long posts chronicling his achievements, lauding his influence on the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, and reviewing his latest creation.

Instead, the world is a bit imperfect.  But superheroes show us that the world can be a better place, not because of fantastic superpowers, awesome weapons, or fancy costumes, but because the person underneath the union suit strives to be a better person, helping others to better themselves.  Stories can inspire, stories can resonate, like mysterious Vita Rays which beam directly into a reader’s subconscious.  The Grand Comics Database lists over 3100 credits for Joe Simon, and that’s a lot of inspiration, whether he wrote, drew, edited, or published comics.  He still inspires, as seen recently.

May he continue to inspire for many years to come!


  1. Mr. Simon’s Facebook page:

    Also: New York Comic Con

    Joe Simon: My Life in Comics
    Date: Friday, October 14
    3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
    Location: 1A23
    Speaker: Joe Simon
    What was it like to be targeted by the Nazi party? What was Stan Lee like as a teenage kid? How did it feel to have your comics torn apart by a Congressional committee–on live television!? And what was the real origin of the Red Skull? These secrets and more, revealed by the man who lived them–Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, first editor at Marvel Comics, creator of Sick magazine, and a genuine living legend. Joe turned 98 years old on October 11, and this is his only appearance at a comic book convention. So come out and wish him a happy birthday!

    [Titan will host a book signing after the panel.]