Fans of Joe Simon (creator of Captain America) and the creativity of the Simon family should check out the currently running Kickstarter campaign for ShieldMaster. Originally created by Jim Simon back in 1998, the legend’s son brought the idea for the character to his father. The elder Simon designed the costume and 25 years later, Jesse Simon, Joe’s grandson, is revitalizing the character. There are also some Simon/Jack Kirby characters returning as well, such as The Fly, Fighting American, Private Strong, Bullseye, Stuntman, and more.
There are tons of fun rewards for backers including a Joe Rubinstein cover homage to Superman vs Muhammad Ali and a never-before-seen painting by Joe Simon variant cover. There is also a cover by Tom Morgan featuring all the heroes and President Kennedy.
AND–the comic also comes with an introduction by the legendary Alan Moore. 
Read the synopsis here:
In the present day, ShieldMaster, along with his companions Jim and Jesse Simon, go to a comic convention. There, they encounter a mysterious space simulator, when they are blasted back into time. Suddenly, they find themselves in 1963.
President Kennedy is in town at the UN building and calls upon Fighting American to safeguard him from a genuine threat known to the secret service. Fighting American rallies a team of extraordinary heroes: The Fly, Private Strong, Stuntman, Captain 3-D, and Bullseye, in the defense of JFK. I won’t reveal the threat as it should be a surprise. See if you can figure it out based off of the covers shown!
Meanwhile, Jim and Jesse need to confront a dilemma of their own. Their father/grandfather, Joe Simon is present at the 1963 comic convention. Should they approach Joe and his collaborator Jack Kirby, or should they proceed with caution to avoid disrupting the timeline?

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