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  1. So the Angry Young Rebel of Comics becomes a Crusty Old Fart. Some of his stuff still grates on me, but he has taken the medium in some very exciting directions, and I hope I’m able to do another post bitching about his new stuff when he hits 100!

  2. At 50, I’d say that Frank has grown into the characters he invented earlier in his life. While everyone else is trying to recapture or hold onto their superheroic youth fantasies, Frank has always been upfront and bluntly honest about where his interests lie. And, bless him, people listen — and buy! Old fart? Nah. Dumb? I wish I had that kind of industry-recognized “dumb” to be able to write and draw award-winning comics and direct films that are actually reflective and respectful of my original material.

    I think there are a couple of more years and successes for this guy.