SuperDeluxe is a new “comedy video” channel just launched by Turner Entertainment. Poke around and you’ll find a few cartoons and familiar faces, among them this short featuring the voice of Toby Radloff, Harvey Pekar’s nerd sidekick by cult animator Lance Myers. In this episode, Ted deals with his mother’s refusal to bathe until he loses his virginity — a situation many a nerd has faced, to be sure.


  1. 7 brand new PSP titles have also been announced and they’ll be made available via the new network.

    These downloadable games include three action titles, two musical titles, a racing title and a shooter, suiting every gamer’s tastes. If you own a PSP, you’ll be able to access the new content with the aid of a Wi-Fi connection or through your PC connected via USB. Keep in mind that the new titles will be shorter than the usual UMD games, but we’ve seen blockbusters ranking high in game reviews, although they only took up 200MB of storage space.

    US gamers might get a surprise for Christmas, as the PC compatible version of the PSN will become active this winter. Care to guess what those 7 titles are? I’m hoping for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep demo, or a brand new Ridge Racer, although I won’t be surprised to see NFS ProStreet surfacing on the PSP this winter. Sony’s finally doing something to catch up with the Xbox Live and the Wii’s similar service, but as long as there’s no daily update and the lag’s omnipresent, the PSN will still be number 2… or even 3.

  2. A brutal webcam breakup from Metacafe where the guy finds out that his longtime girlfriend is going to play for the other team.
    At least he gets to see her make out with another girl….
    First girl is Ice La Fox, second (with beautiful eyes! :)) is Mandy Bright