Today sees the release of the filmed stage version of the Lin-Manuel Miranda-written Hamilton musical on Disney+. Fans of American history and musical theater alike can finally experience the Tony Award-winning show in their homes for the first time. But a few years ago, another effort was made to make the experience accessible to those who can’t get to a theater, as artist Brent Schoonover today revealed concept art and pages from a canceled graphic novel adaptation of the musical.

In a series of tweets, Schoonover shared character designs and sample pages from the graphic novel, which would have utilized Miranda’s lyrics and paired them with visuals inspired by the stage production.

The art, drawn by Schoonover and colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick, features scenes from songs including “The Battle of Yorktown,” “Aaron Burr, Sir/My Shot”, and “The Schuyler Sisters.”

According to Schoonover, the book was ultimately canned after it was decided that not using the actors’ likenesses (which, presumably, would have been too expensive to procure rights for, given the size of the cast) wasn’t the right direction for the book.

Though Schoonover says the pages were rushed to meet a tight deadline, he clearly didn’t throw away his shot at them — they still look fantastic, and offer a tantalizing glimpse at what could have been a truly unique reading experience. There have been other graphic novels based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, but none that have incorporated elements from the musical the way this one would have. I’m imagining reading the book while listening to the music, like a book-and-record set. It’s probably too much to hope that interest from the film’s release plus the tease of these pages somehow resuscitates the project, but one can dream.

Hamilton is available to watch on Disney+ now.