Everyone is figuring out new ways to get their stuff out there. Halo-8 is a multimedia company that just funded the OCCUPY COMICS anthology via Kickstarter — but it’s being released a little differently. People who purchased the book via Kickstarter get a digital subscription until the printed version comes out.

They’re using a similar system for GODKILLER, a comic written by Halo-8 head Matt Pizzolo and illustrated by Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, previously known for LUCID (Archaia) and the OCCUPY COMICS promo image.

For GODKILLER, readers who purchase the Digital/Physical Bundle will receive ongoing, monthly digital comics until the culmination of the story arc when they’ll receive the collected trade paperback. The digital comics will be available as downloadable, DRM-free PDFs and CBRs.

“A lot of comics readers these days prefer to ‘wait for the trade’ before committing to a story, so this enables them to keep up with the new content as it becomes available while they wait for the collected book,” said Pizzolo in a statement. “This pairs the convenience of digital with the unique experience of holding a physical book, but brings digital upfront since it’s the fastest, most efficient way for readers to get content as soon as it’s available.”

This is the second GODKILLER mini — the first was also released as an “illustrated film” that included voicework by people like Lance Henriksen and music by Atari Teenage Riot. A similar effort is planned for this storyline.

Halo-8 has been involved with a lot of innovative/comics-centric projects — in addition to OCCUPY COMICS — an all-star anthology looking at the OWS movement — Halo-8 also helped distribute the Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis documentaries, and they’re also releasing CTRL+ALT+COMPETE, a documentary about startup-culture and creative/tech entrepreneurship featuring tech notables like Atari-founder Nolan Bushnell, Twitter-financier Mike Maples Jr, and The Guild creator Felicia Day.

They’re one of the few companies we’ve seen that has an overall feel for whatever they’re calling transmedia these days.

“Obviously digital comics have the potential to grow comics readership beyond the core Cape Crowd in the way bookstores did with graphic novels and manga–but to an exponentially larger degree,” Pizzolo continued in his statement. “All the innovative funding and production and release methods these days are really shaking things up… it’s telling that 2012 has already been called The Year of the Creator–there are a lot of opportunities out there for clever, innovative, and entrepreneurial creators.”

The new miniseries GODKILLER: TOMORROW’S ASHES vol. 1 “The Scars That Bind” is a 96-page collected book split into 3 digital issues. Halo-8 is charging $6.66 for the 3 digital comics, $16.66 for the collected book, or $19.99 for the Digital/Physical Bundle.



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