The biggest celebrity of all has been announced for New York Comic Con! Grumpy Cat herself will be appearing on Thursday, October 8th, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm at Dynamite Booth #2129. Thisis her first comic con appearance, but Grmpy has been the superstar at every other venue we’ve seen her at, including Toy Fair and BEA…I’m not joking, she drawss bigger lines than any human so get there early.

Today also marks the debut of the first issue of The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1. Issue #1 features Grumpy and her brother, Pokey, in a series of charming adventures that, according to Grumpy, are terrible. The Grumpy Cat comic launched as a three issue mini series, but it’s going to be an ongoing starting in March. Lets face it. Cats + comics = success.

As with most #1s, Grumpy Cat will have a full complement of variant covers. And here, in a BEAT exclusive is the whole lot of them! They are sure to make you miserable. Enjoy!


GrumpyCat01-Cov-A-Uy1011 – Cov A – Steve Uy


GrumpyCat01-Cov-B-Haeser01021 – Cov B – Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-C-Maiden01031 – Cov C – Tavis Maiden


GrumpyCat01-Cov-D-Garbowskatif01041 – Cov D – Agnes Garbowska


GrumpyCat01-Cov-E-Photo01051 – Cov E – Steve Uy “Art & Photo”


GrumpyCat01-Cov-F-Meme01061 – Cov F – Create–Your-Own-Meme


GrumpyCat01-Cov-G-Authen01071 – Cov G – Blank Authentix


GrumpyCat01-Cov-H-Rare-UyPhotoVirg01081 – Cov H – Rare – Steve Uy “Art & Photo” Virgin


01091 – Cov I – 50 only – high–end B/W ultra-limited cover by Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-J-50only-MaidenVirg01101 – Cov J – 50 only – high–end “virgin art” ultra-limited cover by Tavis Maiden


GrumpyCat01-Cov-L-Exclu-NYCC-Haeser01111 – Cov K – Exclu – New Jersey Comic Expo Cover by Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, & Blair Smith


01121 – Cov L – Exclu – New York Comic Con Cover by Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, & Blair Smith


GrumpyCat01-Cov-M-Exclu-1811-Garbowska01131 – Cov M – Exclu – 1811 Comics cover by Agnes Garbowska


01141 – Cov N – Exclu – Comic Paradise Plus by Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-O-Exclu-DF-Bennington01151 – Cov O – Exclu – Dynamic Forces cover by Rebekie Bennington


GrumpyCat01-Cov-P-Exclu-FatJack-Rappa01161 – Cov P – Exclu – Fat Jack’s Comicrypt cover by Brian Rappa


GrumpyCat01-Cov-Q-Exclu-Hoknes-Haeser01171 – Cov Q – Exclu – Hoknes Comics cover by Ken Haeser


01181 – Cov R – Exclu – In Your Dreams Collectibles Cover by Tavis Maiden


GrumpyCat01-Cov-S-Exclu-Midtown-Uy01191 – Cov S – Exclu – Midtown Comics Cover by Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-T-Exclu-Newbury-Vargas01201 – Cov T – Exclu – Newbury Comics Cover by Mauro Vargas & Mohan


GrumpyCat01-Cov-U-Exclu-SavedWhiskers-Haeser01211 – Cov U – Exclu – Saved Whiskers Rescue by Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-V-Exclu-SuperFly-Haeser01221 – Cov V – Exclu – Super Fly Comics Cover by Ken Haeser & Mohan


GrumpyCat01-Cov-W-Exclu-ThirdEye-Haeser01231 – Cov W – Exclu – Third Eye Comics cover by Ken Haeser


GrumpyCat01-Cov-X-Exclu-Tidewater-Shinn01241 – Cov X – Exclu – Tidewater ComicCon cover by Tim Shinn