Highly acclaimed artist Greg Capullo (Batman) made an announcement last night on Twitter:

Surprise! Capullo teased his return DC which he confirmed via Twitter with a new contract. After a fan-favorite multi-year run on Batman, the artist departed DC shortly in 2015 for a series currently published by Image known as Reborn written by Mark Millar (Wanted).

Batman writer Scott Snyder (All-Star Batman) has ALSO been teasing a new comics project back at New York Comic-Con with Capullo.

Snyder told Newsarama the following at New York Comic Con: “Yes, we’re gonna be doing a big summer event, next year, next summer, it will be very Batman centric, and very rock ‘n’ roll.”

Whether this contract has anything to do with the rumored summer event is still up in the air but seems increasingly likely. With Snyder currently writing only All-Star Batman for DC, fans have speculated what else the writer has been planning. Keep your eyes peeled for the big DC event announcement in 2017!