OMG how many comics news sites can lose their editors in one year? All of them I guess. Add Hannah Mean-Shannon to the moving on, as she’s exited Bleeding Cool after 2 1/2 years

I have many people to thank for their kindness and support during my time as EIC at Bleeding Cool, from comics professionals who always had time to speak with me to readers who would come up to me at conventions and talk about what BC meant to them.

But I’d particularly like to thank the staff at Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston and Dan Wickline, who were there when I arrived, and convey to Patrick Dane, Erik Amaya, and Christine Marie Attardo, who came in under my watch, how proud I have been of their work and development as pop culture journalists.

I was brought on at Bleeding Cool to broaden the horizons of the site, and columnists like longtime supporter Adi Tantimedh, and contributors like Michele Brittany, Olly MacNamee, Joe Glass, Daniel Celko, Nikolai Fomich, and many others have definitely contributed to that trajectory through their hard work and dedication. They’ve treated comics, film, and gaming with the respect that these fields deserve while also serving the fans and conveying the sense of fun and enjoyment that is at the heart of fandom and always will be.

Shannon added a whole stable of writers to the site and oversaw its expansion into three columns of tiny boxes on the front page from a mere two columns…but seriously she is one of the hardest working people I know. While her future moves haven’t been announced or hinted at, I’m sure she’ll make an impact wherever she goes.

Rich Johnston, founding editor at BC, will resume the EiC duties, although he darkly hinted at changes coming….oh my.

By my count that leaves only CBR, Comicbook.com, The Beat and Comics Reporter without an editorial change this year. WHO WILL BE NEXT?????


  1. This is what the comic industry has come to in the past two years: comic bloggers and website editors are eliciting headlines and commentary. Jesus Christ.

  2. OMG! Bleeding Cool is losing its editor-in-chief?! Now who’s going to get paid to not catch all those typos, blatant misspellings and sentences that just abruptly end?

    And bully for her increasing the amount of writers on the site. While she and Rich get paid off the page views that content generates, those writers work for that wonderful thing called “exposure.” Because, ya know, exposure pays for things like the rent, the power bill, and groceries…

  3. Jealous much? You’re stuck with this site and other people have moved on. The Beat really is an albatros around your neck, Heidi. You’re just petty and jealous.

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