morrison_vs_mcr.jpgSpeaking of Morrison, …he’s joined Twitter. The @grantmorrison account was previously run by a fan, but it’s been handed over to the real King Mob.

3.4 billion years of evolution to create this perfectly self-aware phone/flesh fusion. Are you there, Mother?

PLUS, the Grant Morrison documentary is premiering around the world — our own review copy is sitting only inches away…if only we can reach out and touch…

Sao Paolo, Brazil – October 15th-17th at Fest Comix (EventInfo Here)

Philadelphia – October 15th at Johnsville Centrifuge with Director/Producer
Q&A (Event Info Here)

Boston – October 17th at the Magic Room with Director/Producer Q&A (Ticket Info Here/Buy

Los Angeles – October 21st with Director/Producer/Special Guest Q&A (Ticket Info Here)

London – TBD December

Buy it on DVD – October 26th (Pre-Order Now)