Newsarama has a full write up of the stunning announcement from Neil Gaiman:

At Friday evening’s “CBLDF Presents An Evening with Neil Gaiman,” the guest of honor began the evening with a surprise announcement. Just after taking the stage following an introduction by Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live and the just-opened Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Gaiman announced that the Gordon Lee case has been dismissed.

Gaiman told the story of the case, and how the copy of the Alternate Comics #2, a Free Comic Book Day comic that was accidentally given to a child during a Halloween celebration in 2004 in Rome, Georgia. Gaiman’s brief summary of the case included what he characterized as mistakes by the prosecution, adding that, to date, the case had cost the CBLDF over $100,000. Gaiman said that, in his view, the Rome, GA prosecutor was specifically determined to send Lee to prison.

But now, Gaiman continued, the judge has signed off and all charges against Gordon Lee have been dismissed.

Can we just say: justice has finally been served in a case that never should have dragged on as long as it did. The full link has more comments from CBLDF director Charles Brownstein.