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  1. I hope The Spirit will be true to its origins. Frank Miller did a good job with Sin City and 300. Will Eisner, the creator of The Spirit was a fantastic artist. The book, Comics And Sequential Art by Eisner is an excellent book on creating comics. I am looking forward to this movie.

  2. I saw the trailer yesterday at the panel, and when that was combined with Frank’s comments, I was REALLY uninspired. Sadly though, I will probably end up going to see “Frank Miller’s Spirit City.” Another good opportunity that may go to waste…

  3. That is a very impressive poster. It reminds me of both Miller and Eisner at the same time. It certainly grabs your attention. A great layout, with that tiny bit of red ink.

  4. Eisner, in his Spirit stories, would find a way to work “THE SPIRIT” into the architecture of the city and the story in the splash page, not (or rarely???) the title of the story. The trailer attempts to do this, with Denny Colt jumping off the logo. The logo used here is very reminiscent of Frank Miller’s signature and the logo for “300” — it’s pretty clear whose vision of Denny Colt we are getting.

  5. Well, Roberto Rodriguez made it clear that he wanted to make “Frank Miller’s Sin City” into a movie, not “Roberto Rodriguez’s Sin City.” Unfortunately, the feeling isn’t mutual here … Frank Miller isn’t making “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” … you get the idea …

  6. The trailer also has more of a Daredevil vibe (with DD — whoops, Denny Colt springing off of suspended wires and tumbling over rooftops) and the Eva Mendes poster is more derivative of the SIN CITY and 300 flicks and is more of the “assassin” character Elektra is, than the “dame to kill for” of Eisner’s Sand Saref.

    This is clearly not “Will Eisner’s ‘The Spirit'”

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