Good Comics for Bad People, a print collection of cartoonist Zach M. Stafford‘s hit webcomic Extra Fabulous, was originally announced as coming from Skybound Entertainment last year as part of a wildly-successful Kickstarter campaign showcasing the creator’s work. Today the publisher has announced that the hardcover collection will finally arrive in stores in November of 2023.

Here’s how Skybound describes Good Comics for Bad People:

Master of the hilarious, unpredictable, and just plain weird, Zach M. Stafford’s Good Comics for Bad People marks his graphic novel debut, and features all the laughter, absurdity, and bodily fluids that have made his worldwide mega-hit webcomic so (in)famous!

The 240-page hardcover release includes all your favorite Extra Fabulous comics plus book-exclusive comics that can’t be found online, as well as an introduction by superstar webcomic author Sarah Andersen AKA Sarah’s Scribbles.

Along with the intro by Sarah AndersenGood Comics for Bad People also includes guest-strips from the creators of other popular webcomics including Mr. Lovenstein‘s J.L. Westover, The Perry Bible Fellowship‘s Nicholas Gurewitch, The Oatmeal‘s Matthew Inman, and more.

In a statement announcing the release, Stafford warned against the dangers of improper purchase of the forthcoming hardcover:

“Beware, if you buy this book, you cannot enter heaven, but if you buy two copies, they cancel each other out,” said Zach M. Stafford. “I’m sorry, but I don’t make up the rules.”

Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection is set to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, November 1st, and in bookstores the following Tuesday, November 7th.