It all went according to the script: Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for DARK KNIGHT, WALL*E won for Best Animated Film and in a little surprise, WALTZ WITH BASHIR won for Best Foreign Film. (Mickey Rourke also won Best Actor in a Dramatic role for THE WRESTLER, and thanked his dogs because the guy was living with his chihuahuas for years.) We were Twittering the show and most alarmed by Renee Zellweger’s “Kiss of the Spider Woman” getup, as well as the general, um, tipsiness of the presenters as the night wore on. Tina Fey and Sacha Baron Cohen were funny. (We know some people thought the latter went too far, but that guy is fearless.)

The Golden Globes also reminded us that it’s been a long time since we called on Salma Hayek to make the LUBA movie. Hayek has been on maternity leave but she’s back and as gorgeous as ever, so what are we waiting for?
Oh yeah, and DDBG was there, too.


Old home week!

And oh, yeah, Andrew Stanton (WALL*E director) and Rich Johnston (“Lying in the Gutters”) separated at birth?



  1. This biggest surprise was Shahrukh Khan showing up out of the blue for Slumdog Millionaire!!! He’s the biggest movie star in the *world*! That was just amazing….

  2. My brain was completely convinced that the watermark over Salma’s attributes said “cleavage.” I had to look at it twice to read the actual word.

    Sometimes that whole “pattern recognition” hardwiring thing in the human brain just doesn’t help.

    Gorgeous dress. I am totally wearing that when I win… something or other.