Colorists are often the unsung heroes of the comic making process but without a doubt Justin Ponsor is one whose work stands out as among the best. From Guardians of the Galaxy to Spider-Man, Ponsor’s vibrant colors have given a definitive look to some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Just take a gander of this art process video of Steve McNiven’s black and white Guardians of the Galaxy pages with Ponsor’s colors added.

Now readers have a chance to give back.If you haven’t already heard, Ponsor revealed on his blog that he is currently int he midst of undergoing cancer treatments. It goes without saying that any kind of major medical treatments can be quite costly. To that end, Ponsor’s friend Alex Car has established a GoFundMe  

Hello friends, I hope you are all doing well. As you might already know our friend Justin Ponsor is not doing so good right now. His cancer has taken a dangerous turn and he will likely be dealing with some very expensive medical costs. I thought I would reach out to you in hopes that we can set up a GoFundMe account in his name and raise some money that he can use at his discretion. Im initially only including this small group of people but we can definitely expand it. I figure if we get about 500 people and we each contribute $100 that is 50k already (I’m good at math!).

Justin in his own brilliant and entertaining way has put together a blog to document his experience that is at the very least educational of the reality of our fragility and need for a better community medical responsibility.


Writer Brian Michael Bendis whose recent work including Defenders has featured Ponsor’s trademark colors had this to say on Twitter-

With a goal of $50,000 in one day the fundraiser has nearly reached 60% of that amount! Ponsor tweeted this message-


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