Last night, we got to head over to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy for a cocktail party celebrating the opening of the European comics art exhibit. It was a swell affair, as you might imagine, and we would urge anyone who has the remotest interest in fine comics to get over there pronto — the show is open to the public and FREE for the next month.

Not only do you get to see amazing artwork by some of the world’s greatest living cartoonists — David B., Nicolas de Crécy, Igort, Jaromír 99, Isabel Kreitz, Max, and Jaroslav Rudiš — but you get to see a few rooms of the Payne Whitney House, one of architect Stanford White’s masterpieces.

Here’s a preview of the art — trust us, in person it looks even more amazing. Or as we overheard one very well known cartoonist saying in front of a David B. page — “Is he so good he never even uses a pencil???”

WAIT: To get the answer to that, go to SVA tonight to hear David Mazzucchelli interviewing these artists!

Isabelle Kreitz (Die Sache Mit Sorge) 4 2
Isabel Kreitz

Nicolas De Crçcy (Glacial Period) 2 2
Nicolas de Crécy

Jaromir 99 And Jaroslav Rudis (Bomber) 1 2
Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99

Igort (Baobab) 2

David B (Nocturnal Conspiracies) 2
David B.

Max (Bard°N The Superrealist) 1 2