When it comes to kickass heroines, Modesty Blaise stands with the best of them. Originally created as a Brit comic strip in 1963 by Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway, espionage agent Modesty was the female James Bond, stylish, sexy and very Sixties. Since then she’s been adapted into novels and mostly forgettable movies (although Tarantino is said to be entranced by the character—Vince Vegas was reading a Modesty Blaise book when he died). NOW she’s starring in 15-minute radio dramas from the BBC.

Daphne Alexander (below) plays Modesty in this adaptation of the novel A Taste for Death, which will air on December 17th. I’m not sure you can actually listen from the BBC website, due to regional issues, but clever folks might be able to get around that.


  1. Yes you can listen – the BBC radio player is available everywhere for free! So it’ll be available for 7 days on-line after the radio broadcast

  2. Oh yeah…
    This is what I LIVE for. Great audio dramas from great comics. And people wonder why I do what I do…it’s ’cause it sounds so good. And that MUSIC! LOVE IT!

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

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