The Society of Illustrators is presenting the 2016 WILL EISNER SCHOLAR, an honor that comes with a $5000 grant. The scholarship is open to juniors with the money to be used for their senior year of art education. Potential scholars can only be nominated by Department Chairs or Administrators for Undergraduate Programs. The program is funded by the Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation. Nominations close on Friday so this may be a little late for this year, but a good reminder for next year.

All the details are here.

This scholarship honors Will Eisner who was one of the most influential comic artists of all time. Will Eisner was a pioneer in the creation of comics during the “Golden Age” of comics during the 1930s and ‘40s, achieving fame with his iconic crime-fighting hero The Spirit. Many comic greats worked with Eisner, including Jules Feiffer, Jack Kirby, and Al Jaffee. After the Spirit ceased publication, Eisner devoted himself to creating educational and instructional sequential art, a term he coined. In 1978, Eisner once again reinvented himself- and the comic art medium-with his graphic novel, A CONTRACT WITH GOD.Will Eisner’s 19 graphic novels and 3 textbooks are still in print in 15 worldwide languages. The prestigious Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards are presented annually at San Diego Comic-Con.

Nathan Fox, Artist, Chair, MFA Visual Narrative School of Visual Arts 
Karen Green, Ancient & Medieval History Librarian. Graphic Novels Librarian, Columbia University
Jason Little, Cartoonist 

Celia Lowenthal was the winner of the 2015 scholarship.

Sounds like a fine opportunity for an emerging cartoonist and a great way to remember Eisner, who was incredibly gracious and welcoming to new cartoonists.