The Boom! Box line is expanding this September with ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM by Giulio Macaione (Basilicò), a new original graphic novel.

Meet Alice, a girl who has to share a bedroom with her brother after her family moves to Cincinnati. But that’s not the worst part: she’s also sharing his dreams. Along with her best friend, Jamie, Alice explores the secrets buried deep in their small town that only she can explore…and only in her dreams!

“I’ve always wanted to tell a story about dreams and what they mean for us,” says  Macaione. “But what if we could see the dreams of others? Could we look at our family and friends as usual if we knew their intimate thoughts and what’s inside their mind? I was thinking about this when I visited the wonderful Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati (where I lived for a couple of years), and it’s from there the story came. ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM is a story about dreams, family and the power of friendship.”

ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM is a gorgeously drawn look into the dreams, good and bad, that drive us all forward,” added Shannon Watters, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Giulio is bringing an unforgettable supernatural flair to this journey of becoming and self-discovery.”