wonder girlGirl-Wonder.org, the mostly superhero-focused organization for female readers and characters, is looking for new board members.

Girl-Wonder.org is pleased to announce that it is holding elections for the Board of Directors for its governing body, Gworg.

Gworg is an incorporated non-profit feminist organization dedicated to fostering an attentive, empowered comics fan community, to encouraging respect and high-quality character depiction, and to assisting the professional development of women working in the field of comics. Anyone who supports these aims is eligible to become a member, and all members are able to vote, stand for office, and nominate others to the Board.

Becoming a Director is an excellent opportunity to support and direct the progress of Girl-Wonder.org! Moreover, since Gworg is a registered non-profit organization, this also makes a great entry of volunteer work on your resume.

Ragnell, founder of “When Fangirls Attack” has a few very pointed suggestions on picking a board member. We don’t necessarily endorse all the opinions within, but this is a good guideloine:

Just a few years ago Girl-wonder.org was the most effective female-focused comics charity around, and with the right people on the board it could be again. If you have interest in superheroes, a progressive outlook, enough drive to confront a resistant industry about its ingrained attitudes towards women and spare time, I advise you to look into this. (Even if you’re not into Batfandom, because heaven knows things like this need variety.)

We see tons of smart, talented, engaged female fans out there. Girl-Wonder.org has occasionally focused a bit too much on the minutiae of character continuity, but a focused, smartly organized group of female readers is not a bad thing to have around.

Plus, you get to be a member of something called Gworg. That rules.