Diamond’s annual gift guide is out and you can pick it up at your friendly retailer, or peruse it online, above, and see what be suitable for finding under the Christmas tree, bearing in mind the essential ratio of Christmas: two for you, one for me.

Diamond has a few of its own picks:

Walking Dead Comic Ed PX Risk 02 600x463
• Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition (Item Code: APR132230, SRP: $49.99, page 69)

Walking Dead Comic Ed PX Monopoly 02• Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival EditGame ofhtornes lunchboxion (Item Code: APR132229, SRP: $39.99, page 69)

• Game of Thrones Lunchbox (Item Code: MAY130085, SRP: $18.99, page 9)

BM COW Book Mask kj14yct30p
• Batman: The Court of Owls Book & Mask Set (Item Code: MAY130220, SPR:$24.99, page 12)

Mylittlepony01 cvra
• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 1 TP(Item Code: MAR130366, SRP: $17.99, page 21)

• The Mighty Thor Volume 1 (Item Code: SEP110653, SRP: $24.99, page 32)

And the EVER popular:

51HHfbMoaML• Star Wars: Boba Fett Bust Bank (Item Code: JUL101590, SRP: $22.99, page 59)

We’ll have our own ongoing giftie guide here, but this is a good way to kick things off, even if it isn’t as slick as the one from A+F.


  1. None of these items appeal to me, but there are thousands of dollars of other things in that catalog that do. Wow, that made me feel like a kid again, looking through the Christmas catalogue!

  2. LoL I tried to buy that same Boba Fett bust/bank TWO YEARS AGO off eBay, the seller had to finally refund my $$$ after he was still waiting 2+ months to get stock in from China that never arrived…

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