Shipping time is nigh and deluxe giftables are pouring into our inbox. Here’s one from Skybound at Image, a deluxe, leather bound, slipcased hardcover edition of THE WALKING DEAD – RISE OF THE GOVERNOR novel written by Robert Kirkman and co-writer Jay Bonansinga with spot illos by Charlie Adlard.

“Many have asked me whether I will ever write a prequel about the lives the character lead before,” said Kirkman in a statement. “Well, that’s basically what we’re doing with these novels. And we wanted to offer the fans a special edition before the holidays.”

The book — first in a planned trilogy or prequels based on series characters — explores the origins of the Governor, the most hated villain in the whole series.

The book ships on December 7 and retails for $74.99. A signed limited edition is also available for $124.99.


  1. It’s funny, people continuously criticise Marvel or whoever for being “greedy” because they double ship or whatever but when Kirkman churns out 10 versions of ever single thing he publishes no one says a word. Personally i have no problem with marvel or Kirkman but I just find it curious …

  2. It’s an expensive, deluxe option for those who want it, but you don’t have to buy it in order to get the story, whereas Marvel’s double-shipping means more cash must be spent to follow a book you like. (That being said, if they double-shipped Daredevil, I’d be fine with that.)

    I actually salute Kirkman for making the Walking Dead so readily available in so many formats — digital, monthly reprints, TPBs, deluxe editions, the satisfying chunk Compendium editions that offer 48 issues for $60, and, of course, the monthly comic that started it all.