How do you deal when you move to L.A. to be with your boyfriend, only for him to break things off? For Daphne, the solution is moving out of her dorm room, away from her judgmental roommate, and into Rycroft Manor — a big, beautiful property occupied by a small group of ghosts. Unfortunately, after a bad date that somehow kept getting worse, Daphne’s worlds are colliding. In Ghosted In L.A. #3, she has to deal with her ex, her ghostly roommates, and their meeting. It’s… awkward, to say the least.

Today, The Beat can reveal an exclusive first look at the new issue, which hits shelves September 11, 2019. Writer Sina Grace and artist Siobhan Keenan continue to bring Daphne’s world to the page of this BOOM! Box series, with drama and comedy playing out in equal measure as she attempts to navigate her new city life.

Final order cut-off for Ghosted In L.A. #3 is Monday, August 19. Keenan’s Cover A is orderable under Diamond code JUL191348. Grace’s Cover B is orderable under Diamond code JUL191349. The issue retails at $3.99.

Check out the solicit text below, as well as both covers and an exclusive, four-page preview.

Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Colorist: Cathy Le
Letterer: DC Hopkins
Publisher: BOOM! Box/BOOM! Studios

As if living with ghosts weren’t enough of a problem, Daphne has personal drama she never expected. The jerk of an ex who dumped her? Turns out, not a jerk, because when he said “It’s not you, it’s me,” he really meant “I think I might be gay, and you’re not my type.” So now Daphne has to be a supportive friend, get over a long term relationship, and keep her undead roommate from hitting on her ex.

Ghosted in L.A. #3 preview page 1 Ghosted in L.A. #3 preview page 2 Ghosted in L.A. #3 preview page 3 Ghosted in L.A. #3 preview page 4


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