Ahead of Ghosted In LA #1 hitting shelves in July, The Beat has an exclusive first look at fully-dressed covers and interior pages by GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer Sina Grace and art by Siobhan Keenan. We previously revealed the Kris Anka variant cover and ran an interview with Grace about the comic, which will be published through BOOM! Studios’ BOOM! Box Imprint.

Ghosted In LA follows Daphne Walters to LA as she chases after her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, Ronnie isn’t interested in staying together through college, which leaves Daphne in quite the pickle. She moved to LA and chose the same college so they could be together — so what is she supposed to do now?

Enter the ghosts of Rycroft Manor, a derelict, seemingly-abandoned apartment complex that Daphne accidentally stumbles upon. These unexpected roommates quickly become Daphne’s friends as they help her navigate heartbreak, a brand new city, finding and developing new relationships, and more. This comic puts a whole new twist on the term ‘ghosted’.

Check out three pages of the first issue below, as well as covers by Keenan, Anka and Grace. Ghosted In LA #1 is available in comic shops and online July 10. For more, see boom-studios.com.
Ghosted In LA preview page 1
Ghosted In LA preview page 2 Ghosted In LA preview page 3

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