200612050249We’ve always been a little iffy on Nic Cage, but the news that he has turned Ghost Rider into a Carpenters fan has somehow warmed our heart. It seems, if gossip rags are to be believed, that he personally lobbied Richard Carpenter to use “Superstar” in the upcoming superhero flick.

Cage decided his tormented movie character should share his own fondness for The Carpenters but he initially struggled to convince Richard Carpenter that he wouldn’t be poking fun at the hitmaking siblings. He reveals, “I made him a KAREN CARPENTER fan. I love Karen Carpenter’s voice, honestly, and Richard Carpenter didn’t want to participate at first, but I explained how much I cared about Karen’s voice and thought it was the most beautiful voice of all time. It was genuine so he was OK with it.

Cage says his hell-spawned Johnny Blaze likes to relax by downing jelly beans and listening to the Carpenters. You know we always figured that was the case, and it’s good to know for sure.


  1. Do I have to say that Ghost Rider shouldn’t be eating jelly beans and listening to the Carpenters? This is very bizarre news. I certainly wouldn’t have made this kind of choice for GR, but I’m open to see what it will turn out like.

    This better be good, if for nothing other than to give me hope that Preacher will be great.

  2. Carpenters? I half expected Meatloaf Bat out of Hell & Hot Tamales. ( Even better, at least some prog or Hawkwind)

    Hmmm, maybe I should have a talk with this Mark Steven Johnson character after all.



  3. Ya know, “Superstar” by the Carpenters sounds like it would be the absolutely worst thing to put into a Ghost Rider movie. That is unless its the super trippy Sonic Youth cover from “If I were a Carpenter”. That versions kind of creepy.