2006 11 Coney Four
Coney Island means many things to many people, and has been many things in its 150-year history. In our day it was a great place to watch people have sex and throw up on the att-too-well-named Scrambler — but we still liked it. The recent news that Astroland, the decrepit yet authentic beachside amusement park, has been been sold to developers to be turned into some kind of modern neontropolis filled our hearts with sorrow. NYC real estate blog Curbed has been following the development saga and posted some surreal artist’s renditions of what might be planned. If the new Coney Island ever looks this weird we might just have to give in and enjoy it, even if it does look like the San Diego Con plopped into the middle of Vegas.

Come to think of it, that might just be what the entire 21st century is headed for.