The Macomb Daily continues its in-depth coverage of the Michael George trail. The latest testimony came from Theresa Danieluk, a friend of accused killer George who claims that after the death of his wife, he made advances to her and also made disparaging remarks about his dead wife, calling her “unattractive” and “heavy.”

“You look very, very very pretty today. Thanks for coming in. Sincerely, Michael,” says the note penned on Comic World stationery, which included the store telephone number. Danieluk read the note in court under questioning by assistant Macomb prosecutor Steven Kaplan.

Danieluk, who said she was engaged at the time to the man who is now her husband, said she never called him. But he called her, making comments such as, “I saw you today, you looked pretty today,” while talking to her and leaving recorded messages, she said.

In other testimony, long time friends of George reported that he had turned down their offer of posting a reward for finding the killer.


  1. that article also spells Gary Kwapisz (Conan artist) wrong.

    i thought at one point there was stuff about Gary testifying something about art that he had hanging in the first Comics World store?