While readers tip-toe over spoilers from the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 special launching in T-minus eight(ish) hours in New York, author and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has offered to write checks to anyone who wasn’t satisfied with their reading experience. In an interview with today, Johns urged readers who weren’t satisfied with their DC Universe Rebirth #1 to send in their copies to Warner Brothers addressed to him:

“It’s $2.99 for 80 pages. It’s not a lot,” Johns said to “If anyone wants to check out comics, wants to check out DC Universe Rebirth #1 and doesn’t like it, they can mail [the comic book] to Warner Bros., to me, and I will send them a check, I literally will, for both postage and for the book. I will buy all these books back because I believe in this issue a lot. I think it’ll do very well. I hope it does well. But I seriously will, I’ll buy back this book.”

DC Universe Rebirth #1, was written by Geoff Johns (Justice League) containing art by Gary Frank (Action Comics), Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern: Rebirth), Brad Anderson (Dark Knight III: The Master Race), Jason Wright (Teen Titans), Ivan Reis (Blackest Night), Joe Prado (Aquaman), Hi-Fi (Titans Hunt), Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman), Matt Santorelli (Superwoman), and Gabe Eltaeb (Martian Manhunter), plus letterer Nick J. Napolitano (Justice League).

According to Newsarama shops participating in the launch event will receive a Jim Lee (Batman: Hush) lithograph and an exclusive variant of the book. 218 stores are launching DC Universe: Rebirth #1 at midnight–are you going to be among the few purchasing the comic and were you among the lucky few still reading the internet that didn’t get anything spoiled in advance?


  1. Yeah, you might as well buy two and have a commemorative check to go inside that bagged and boarded one.

    Heh, maybe Johns’ checks will go for more than they’re worth on eBay. Seems like the speculator market is vibrant enough nowadays that I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this.

  2. Brian Bendis also made a similar offer when he started on Avengers with Disassembled.

    He reimbursed customers as well as sent a charitable contribution to the American Red Cross in the customer’s name.

  3. “is there a way to get my money back if I didn’t pay for it? Read it on the internet and I still feel ripped off.”

    Your poor precious fanboy feelings . . .

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