Ever since the New 52’s flagship book — Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE — was announced people have been sniggeringly wondering when it would miss shipping because of Lee’s lateness. Well, haters, they just aren’t going to let that happen: Gene Ha has been announced for JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 — as excellent a fill-in artist as you could find.

Message: DC is serious about shipping on time.




Multiple Eisner Award-winning artist Gene Ha will be joining the JUSTICE LEAGUE – not as a team member, but as a special guest illustrator for issue #7. But that’s not all that makes #7 so notable; the first issue following the origin story of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, it is also the first story to see the fully formed team in the present day. Who’s joined the team? What’s changed?
And wait, there’s more.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 will also feature the first appearance of Shazam in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. THE CURSE OF SHAZAM will unfold as a backup series in the LEAGUE monthly, written by New York Times bestselling author Geoff Johns and illustrated by acclaimed artist Gary Frank. The back up feature will reveal an all-new origin for the character.

The main story of JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 serves as the prologue to “The Villain’s Journey,” a new, present day story arc which will pick up with the return of the regular series artist Jim Lee in issue #9. In the meantime, we’ve got a first look at Ha’s take on the team.


  1. Wow… is color even necessary? (Nice touch with umbrella over Aquaman.)

    Plus Gary Frank on Shazam. (I hope they don’t use Fred MacMurray as the model, like they did with Christopher Reeve in Superman: Secret Origin.)

  2. “So is it officially ‘Shazam’ now instead of Captain Marvel?”

    My understanding of the Marvel/DC Captain Marvel lawsuit is that because Marvel owns the trademark to “Captain Marvel,” DC is not allowed to use that name in any marketing material, though they are allowed to use the name within stories. They do these kinds of verbal theatrics all the time to say “This is a Captain Marvel story!” without ever saying the words “Captain Marvel.”

  3. That is an awkward legal arrangement to say the least. Still it’s a far better deal than DC gave Fawcett.

  4. “Message: DC is serious about shipping on time.”

    If that’s true, take him off the book.

    Jim should do guest spots on books that are suffering. Brings attention to books that are worth reading and helps sales.

    Jim sells books!

  5. Great Rao, (does Nu Supes pray to Rao?)please-please-please let Gene Ha do a fill in issue of Demon Knights!