Rebellion and HIYA Toys have announced a new six-inch (1/12 scale) Judge Dredd action figure. The first of their new larger line models of characters from the world of Judge Dredd following the success of their four-inch (1/18 scale) figures, pre-orders will open at the end of April with shipment expected October 2023.

judge dredd figures
Six inches of mean justice machine to play with

The Rebellion-HIYA Toys partnership originally began in late 2021 with plans of four- and six-inch action figure lines inspired by the world of the Mega City Lawman. The four-inch figures have proved popular, with enthusiastic fans able to snap up avatars of Judges Dredd, Anderson, Hershey, and Giant, alongside foes Chief Judge Cal, the Dark Judges, Mean Machine Angel, and at least one Klegg (you can buy the same Klegg oncey, twicey – many will go nicely). Even more cool is that HIYA Toys also brought to life a toy version of the Lawmaster bike for the Judges to ride. With today’s announcement, it is quite likely we will see these existing models scaled up.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kinglsey OBE said:

“We’ve been blown away by HIYA’s work on its line of 1/18 scale figures – not just the quality and workmanship but also how they’ve really delved deeper and deeper into Judge Dredd’s world to bring us figures we never thought we’d see. So we’re very excited about what they have planned for the 1/12 scale series and their vision of Dredd looks great. We’re excited to see both our fans getting their hands on this new range but also whole new audiences who’ll discover the world of Judge Dredd.”

Rebellion’s PR gives some detail about the functionality of the figures which will “…feature all-new accessories and materials, including interchangeable heads and hands, and fabric clothing”:

      • “19 points of articulation, he comes with shoulder and joint pads, chain and badge of office, boot holster, utility belt, and imposing helmet.
      • “…four alternative faces: featuring a normal expression, one of disdain, a toothy scowl, and an open-mouthed shout as he declares “I am the law!””.
      • “….five pairs of interchangeable hands in different poses, including loose grip, fists, daystick holders, gun holders, one pulling the collar of a recently apprehended perp, and one spraying a can of the miracle plastic Boing®”.
      • Both types of Lawgiver (Mark One and Mark Two) handgun, and “a can of Boing® spray”, with “fantastic gun flame effect and smoke effect pieces, a Boing® spray can special effect piece, plus a nine-hole base, a storage base, and a three-section bracket for posing.”

According to Rebellion, the figures will be available to order from these retail outlets:

• Amazon /
• Hiya Toys website
• Diamond Comic Distributors

US and North America
• A&R Computer World
• Merch2Rock
• Dorksidetoys
• Deltecom Solutions
• Cool Kids Toy
• Big Boy Collectibles
• BigBadToyStore
• Ryan’s Store LLC
• Amok Time Inc.
• RetailYouUp Inc
• Legendary Products & Products
• RCE Global Solutions
• FS Holding Ltd (Russia)
• Rabbits Company (South Korea)
• Robot Kingdom (Hong Kong)
• 精品玩具 (Hong Kong)