Gary-TopGary Panter looms large in American comics as a singular visionary and storyteller. So the new site for Gary Panter (the book) is cause to tremble with anticipation:

An intimate look at the work and life of a legendary artist. Gary Panter has been one of the most influential figures in visual culture since the mid-1970s. From his era-defining punk graphics to his cartoon icon Jimbo to his visionary design for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, he has left his mark on every medium he’s touched. Working in close collaboration with the artist, PictureBox has assembled the definitive volume on Panter’s work from the early 1970s to the present. This monumental, slipcased set is split into two 344-page volumes. The first is a comprehensive monograph featuring over 700 images of paintings, drawings, sculptures, posters and comics, alongside essays by Robert Storr, Mike Kelley, Edwin Pouncey, Richard Klein, Richard Gehr, Karrie Jacobs and Byron Coley, as well a substantial commentary by the artist himself. The second volume features a selection from Panter’s sketchbooks–the site of some of his most audacious work–most of which has never been published in any form.

More pictures, tour info and more in the link.

[Thanks to Jeff for the link.]


  1. Went ahead and marked all these dates in the office calendar–don’t want to miss it. What a great opportunity it’s going to be to see Panter’s work, both in the book and in a gallery.