On his blog Kevin Huizenga reports that Ganges #5 is available for preorder from What Things Do.

Books ship in a week or so. It costs you a bit extra but I get more of the dough (I self-published it btw) and you get the book earlier than stores. I worked a lot on it and I’m excited to get to work on the next one, which is about half-finished already. Thanks for your support and interest. Please help me spread the word, tell your friends, etc. if you think they might be into it.

UPDATE: I will NOT be filling orders myself, all web orders will be going through the above link. So if you’re used to ordering directly from me, I won’t be selling Ganges 5 this time. I still have some copies of issues 2-4 (long out of print) available at scarcity prices from the Catastrophe Shop.

This is the first issue since 2011. Huizenga’s meditative comics are lovely and thought provoking as his every man character Glenn Ganges confronts existential questions about life in a style drawn firmly from classic comic strips. Huizenga is one of those indie Aughts guys who hasn’t really made a splash in the current scene (although he was at CAB in November) so it’s good to see him back. YOu can read some of his work for free on What Things Do.

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