About Comics publisher and Charles Schulz oddity publisher Nat Gertler has an unusual holiday project: a guide to the 20+ adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Let’s say you’re a publisher, and you’re looking for something to publish, something that will sell. What do you choose? Well, what do people like? People like Christmas, especially around Christmas, when folks are buying things. And what else to people like around Christmas? A Charlie Brown Christmas.

That’s it! You should do a book adapation of A Charlie Brown Christmas!



  1. Am I ever a easy fish to catch and fry when it comes to purchasing
    anything remotely related to Charlie Brown, Snoopy etc. or anything
    having a connection to the holiday season that is our Christmas.
    Of a mind, not to just receive without giving the just released historical
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    Thank you for allowing this post.
    Merry Christmas
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  2. That silver one, along with the later red paperback reprint of it, mixes the script with a series of images taken from the special, presenting the story in that manner. It counts.