With the news earlier today that Legion would be ending after its third season, FX has released a bit of casting news for the upcoming final season of the show. The network announced the addition of Stephanie Corneliussen and Harry Lloyd to the show’s cast via Twitter this afternoon:

The pair will play David Haller (Dan Stevens)’s parents, with Corneliussen playing “Gabrielle” and Lloyd playing “Professor X.” It’s unclear at this point if they’re being coy by not referring to Lloyd’s character as Charles Xavier, or if it suggests something more. It’s also likely that the characters will appear either in flashbacks or with the actors in old-age make-up, as Lloyd is a year younger than Stevens, while Corneliussen is five years younger than Stevens.

Stephanie Corneliussen is perhaps best known for her role as Joanna Wellick on USA’s Mr. Robot. She has also appeared on, among other things, Deception and Legends of Tomorrow. Lloyd portrayed Daenerys Targaryen’s brother, Visarys Targaryen, during the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. You may also remember him from two episodes of the rebooted Doctor Who‘s third season as a member of the Family of Blood, or from movies like The Theory of Everything and The Iron Lady.

The third and final season of Legion will air on FX sometime in 2019.