Well, looks like this Valiant relaunch is going to go places we’ve never gone before. The first issue of X-O MANOWAR will have a QR Voice Variant—”the world’s first QR code-augmented, talking comic book cover!” Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic supplies the art. On Wednesday, a preview poster will be shipped to local comic shops so you can preview the technology, which involves a QR code, a smart phone and a steady hand.

The regular issue is by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord with a cover by Esad Ribic. The Pullbox Variant cover is by Nord.

The technology involves scanning a QR code on the cover, then loading a video and holding it in front of the cover/poster for a talking head effect.


“We want fans worldwide to know that something special is happening in their local comic shop during the build-up to May 2nd and the launch of the new Valiant Universe,” said Valiant Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “Valiant’s QR Voice Variant is not only a new innovation in comics and a true incentive for retailers, but an enhanced and immersive experience for fans as well. By merging elements of print and digital, we’ve hopefully created something that fans will just have to see in person!”

Illustrated by fan favorite artist Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, scripted by Robert Venditti and animated by New York’s Continuity Studios, both the cover and promotional poster will direct smartphone users to a video of X-O Manowar delivering a speech directly to comic fans across the world. On sale May 2nd — from the creative team of New York Times bestselling author Robert Venditti and Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord — X-O Manowar #1 begins the journey of Valiant’s greatest hero anew, when a Visigoth warrior dons an alien-armored weapon of incalculable destruction, igniting the Valiant Universe in the process.
“From a storytelling standpoint alone, the technology we’re employing here holds enormous potential,” said Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons. “For the first time anywhere, and exclusively on the printed page, Valiant can literally give its characters a voice.”

Valiant also supplied three pages of interior art.




  1. This is sad. It looks like they’re taking their cue from the bad Valiant – cheesey gimmick covers. If there’s any chromium on these covers, I’m giving up all hope.

  2. Those colored pages look amazing! I can’t wait to see Cary Nord got to town on some armored savage action!!
    Have to say I really like the variant cover idea. Variants are an necessary evil and at least this one is trying to be different.

  3. “Their blood will stain my boots, and the weapon I will use to do it will be their own.”

    Bit of an anticlimax.

  4. Hmmm. Okay, not as lame as I expected it to be. I honestly thought they were going to put in one of those talking-greeting card chips… that would be awful. Looking at this, I think it’s an “interesting” idea (yeah, those quotes are on purpose)… but I wonder if it has any value? I mean, this is really just the next desperate attempt to find something cooler than those hologram covers that all-but-destroyed the market back in the 1990s.

    Okay, I guess the lip thing is pretty stupid. But I am intrigued by the idea that you could use an app to read the funky code and maybe see an animated version of the cover, complete with sound effects and all that jazz. That could actually be cool.

    Short answer: I ain’t buying this book unless they print it on gold paper and give it away.

  5. I love this. Great way to think outside the box. I’m very excited for this book and this relaunch, hope it goes well. The more pages I see the more I think they will do well.

  6. Useless for deaf people.

    No, I’m not making fun of them. I learned, from an unrelated forum, how uncaptioned web videos frustrates one deaf person.

  7. Thats nice. What about the other titles in their relaunch?

    We wait 3 months and get a single new title with 3 new issues then possibly 1-2 more added later? Hardly a comeback with guns blazing.

  8. This is sad. They must have no faith in the actual story quality that they promote their books like this.

    Then again, nuValiant’s only shared character designs and gimmicks since their relaunch. No title slate announced with creative teams. Guess all they care about is the characters and how they look.