I remain continually astounded by the success of BLACK PANTHER, not just as an incredibly well-crafted film but also its marketing and merchandising. Much like demand for Baby Groot products after Guardians of the Galaxy was released in the summer of 2014, fans can’t get enough of anything Wakandan.

It looks like they won’t have to wait long with Funko announ cing a few new Pop! figures for its Black Panther movie line for a summer release. You’ll be able to collect Erik Killmonger – this timeshown in a black coat with hi s scars proudly displayed – and the black-market armsdealer Ulysses Klaue, featured with his sonic disruptor arm!

Rounding out the series is the headstrong M’Baku, leader of the rival Jabari Tribe, fan-favorite and Black Panther scene stealer.

What other potential future Black Panther Pop! figures do you wish to see? I’m personally hoping for a War Rhino Funko as part of its Pop! Ride series in the near future.