Funko continues its quest for world domination with the announcement of another comic book hero to be immortalized in vinyl. Diamond Comics Distributors announced today a forthcoming Batwoman Pop! figure, featuring the current incarnation of the character. The figure is ready for action, posed with a batarang in-hand, just waiting for the right criminal to take down. The Funko Batwoman Pop! figure will be available exclusively through Diamond’s Previews catalog.

The current version of Batwoman first appeared in 2006 as part of DC’s weekly 52 series, which chronicled a year in the DCU without Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. The character made waves for being one of only a handful of openly gay characters in the DCU. The announcement of the new figure comes ahead of next month’s debut of the Batwoman CW TV series. The show, part of the Greg Berlanti-produced ‘Arrowverse,’ stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, who takes up the mantle of the bat and makes it her own after returning to Gotham to find Batman missing and the city turned into a Robocop-esque police state.

Funko has been criticized in the past for its lack of female character representation, most notably by The Flash TV series star Candace Patton. Her criticism came after the announcement of a wave of four figures based on characters from the series, all of whom were male and one of whom who had already had another figure produced. The newly-announced Funko Batwoman Pop! is the first time this version of the character has been done by Funko, though a DC Bombshells version was also produced a few years ago. Comparatively, Batman has had over 100 different figures and variations produced since Funko’s initial wave of DC figures in 2010.

With a suggested retail price of $11.99, the final order cutoff date for the Funko Batwoman Pop! is September 30th. The figure is set to arrive in comic shops on December 18th, 2019.


  1. Oh great. Gee, thanks. How about anything from Supergirl? I mean, it’s only in it’s 5th season right? Can’t rush these things, right?

  2. To be clear, it’s not a complaint about the Batwoman pop (which I’ll probaably get), but more a complaint that the Supergirl series has been on the air for multiple years and there are no pops for the show. Yeah, there are Supergirl pops, but unlike Arrow and the Flash, there are none for the show (for that matter, there are no Black Lightning Pops either).

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