Inker Bob Wiacek injured his arm and needs some financial help while he recovers. He’s set up a GoFundMe that already reached its goal but I’m sure more help would be appreciated. And Bob deserves it. I worked with him briefly back in the day, and he’s a good man and a good artist. Bob will even do a sketch for you if you pledge more than $40 — I think that’s going to take him a long time to fulfill but it’s a bargain.

Wiacek is one of the titans of classic Marvel age comics, having inked John Byrne and John Romita Jr’s Uncanny X-Men, Walt Simonsson’s X-Factor, George Pérez on numerous titles, many issues of Iron Man and dozens of other comics including Power Pack, Man-Thing and others that made you love the medium.

I don’t think I need any more to persuade you, so just sit back and enjoy some artwork. And as always, the comics business does not have retirement funds set up for freelancers. This kind of public appeal and The Hero Initiative are the best we have so please, be generous.






Os Fabulosos X-Men  V1 157.jpg