Occasionally, I bid on items at Heritage Auction‘s Internet auctions.

One of the lots included many comic art portfolios, and included in the lot was a portfolio from Sojourn magazine.

From what I can discover online, Sojourn was a newspaper-sized comic magazine featuring many notable comics cartoonists (as seen below).  Joe Kubert had planned the series to help fund his school, but the unusual size was difficult to merchandise, and only two issues were published.

Given the talent involved, this probably deserves a nice archival/historical reprinting.

In the meantime, I’ve scanned the portfolio (at 300 dpi) and present it below.  Myself, I’m most intrigued by Sergio Aragonés “T. C. Mars”.

Sojourn Letter

T. C. Mars, Very Private Eye

Sergio Aragonés
Sojourn Aragones

Kingdom of the Maggot

Stephen BissetteSojourn Bissette


Lee Elias
Sojourn Elias

 The Smooth

Dick Giordano
Sojourn Giordano


Joe Kubert
Sojourn Kubert


John SeverinSojourn Severin

E. V. Race, Private Investigator

Doug Wildey
Sojourn Wildey


  1. Torsten, the Sojourn comics are well worth tracking down. They are an excellent way to enjoy Bissette, Severin et al. in broadsheet format. I guess, in some way, those IDW artist editions are doing what you suggest. They would make an fun read reproduced that way if all the Sojourn art is available to scan.

    Originally I was going to use this format for the self-published version of B+F, but folding the art down the middle was too difficult to do by hand. I often extoll the virtues of the Sojourn format when trying to bully my friends and studio-mates into doing an anthology…

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