One year ago today I said goodbye to my best friend, Inky. It was one of the saddest days of my life and I still think about it.

Since then, two wonderful new friends have entered my life.


And I love them a little too much. Even if they have covered everything I own with a thin layer of cat hair.

But I’ll never forget Inky. She was one of a kind. And I still miss her, annoying meow and all.


  1. She was beautiful, and it sounds like you gave her a wonderful life, full of love. Those furry little friends certainly do work their way into our hearts forever.

  2. Hey, Heidi, sorry about Inky, but you know — the usual words that sound nice but don’t really help — you had each other and you took care of her and there was love. We’re watching our eldest, Mimsy, slip away, we don’t think she’ll last the summer, and it’s hard. I know some folks roll their eyes at morbid pet talk but a living thing deserves its due, person or pet, especially if it was much loved. Loved ones leave a hole in your life, it sucks, what can you do. I’m still a sad slob over my cat, Crushy, aka The Orphan. If it helps, my daughter once said that “the cat you’re petting is the best cat in the world”. Pet your cats! They’re the best in the world!

    Take care.

  3. I’m right with you there, Heidi.
    I was in my garage today looking for some parts and tools and came across some of my cat’s old belongings. I had to put her down last December (2012). She was 21 years old.

    That’s a LONG time… you can bet I still think about it.

  4. Let’s face it: kitties run our lives. When we lose one, it’s devastating (our Zippy was 18 when he died). But the good news is that we can find new ones to love and to let control everything. And you’ve learned like we did that two cats are even better than one!

  5. When my kitty passed away, I cried for 3 days straight. He was the best friend I ever had and dutifully stayed with me while I recovered from two life threatening medical scares. Even though I also have two new kitties taking care of me, I still miss him every day. Our little animal family members are always a part of our lives.

  6. What life would be whithout cats? :)
    I already lost 3 (one (Annie) disapeared after falling from my balcony, one (Leto) died from illness, the last one (Allia, looking like Inky minus one ear) I had to put down because of liver breakdown)), it’s always difficult, different and always involve a lot of crying and indelebible memories.
    YES! 2 cats are better than one (Duncan & Cassie are saying hello!), Their intercation is always a +, even if it seems minimal. I’m always amazed that cats kept being artists best friends, especially considering all the damage they can do to drawing pages :p

  7. Because we are with our cats every single day, they leave a hole in our lives that can’t be replaced. I’m on Seliina, my fourth cat, and, like Evan said, she is the best ever. The first that would ever sit in my lap. I love her for who she is, just as I loved my mean and vicious Toots, and my meatloaf with fur, Trixie, and my sweet Midnight (who made it to 22, six years longer than her sister, Trixie).

    I didn’t know Inky, but I miss her, too. Glad for your litle ones.

  8. For all of you going by the Angouleme International Bandes dessinées Festival one day, there is a cat you must meet at Le Café Chaud. He’s so meeeean yet so loveable. We named him Oscar :if you dig into Fred Harper and Abby Denson facebook account, you can find their rendition of Oscar attacking me (he did bit me hard as I was petting him 2 years ago, making me bleed :p)

  9. Many many hugs to you. I still miss my Datsa (annoying meow and all). Amy’s not a cuddler (even though her meow has become more annoying since Datsa left us), and I could swear some nights I actually feel him snuggling up next to me even though I know he’s no longer around. I really miss hugging a kitty (and he was the only one to ever throw his arms around me when I hugged him)…

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