Marvel just announced two more limited series today – are they part of Fresh Start – or just two mini series?


Newsarama has word of the long rumored COSMIC GHOST RIDER series, to be written by Donny Cates with art by ARTIST TO BE NAMED LATER. The always-excellent Mike Deodato did the pretty splendid cover though.

In case you missed the high concept, the idea is that Frank Castle (aka the Punisher) of an alternate timeline gets turned into a COSMIC GHOST RIDER, via a means to be revealed in this week’s Thanos #16. The character was introduced a few months ago and caught FIYAH with audiences. Luckily alternative universe characters are always around to make story magic like this.

It’s still only a limited series though, because untested new character. Also why don’t people hate new variant characters when it’s a white man?


SPEAKING OF MEN, in July the mutant Multiple Man, aka Jamie Madrox is getting a miniseries as well, from writer Matthew Rosenberg (New Mutants: Dead SoulsPhoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) and artist Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America). Marcos Martin does the covers.

Although Multiple Man died a few years ago in the Death of X event, it turns out he was just resting, and now he’s alive…but fading fast! The mini is about him trying to recover and other things.

Rosenberg’s quote seem to promise  a more lighthearted take on the character.

“What I love about him is that, as a character, he lends himself to a lot of different stuff,” Rosenberg explains. “Peter David’s X-Factor was a big influence for me because it shifts so well from comedy to detective story to body horror to superhero and back again. That’s something we’re all trying to accomplish here, those shifts that keep you guessing. There are a lot of comedy elements. This is definitely the most absurd thing I’ve ever written. But the book is also about people who dedicate their whole lives to fighting evil, people confronting the darkness within themselves, the troubles with time travel, the morality of clones, the end of the world, and how cool Hulks are.”



  1. Gotta give Marvel some credit for taking a risk on Multple Man, although it’s probably just a Hollywood pitch disguised as a mini-series.

  2. Fell in love with Jamie when Fallen Angles was coming out, and then PAD’s first X-Factor. Liked his first solo book, too. Don’t need more white dudes necessarily but I do enjoy reading about this one.

  3. Sales figures on the last two solo Ghost Riders series were so low that Marvel ended up abruptly cancelling them with zero warning.

    I have no doubt that this will be the third GR solo series to share that fate.

    Seriously, why is this being published? There is no demand for it at all.

    Marvel has got to stop with this mentality to keep pumping out fringe titles and hoping they sell.

    The day after Ike Perlmutter finally retires or passes away, and Bob Iger finally gets direct control over Mavel Comics, the editorial staff is going to get decimated.

  4. Where can’t you use Frank Castle and not generate interest? (I think the interrogative makes sense of the double negative).

    A truth, still apparently valid

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