“Black Death in America” is an Eisner nominated short story that originally appeared in the Vertigo CMYK: Black issue. Written by Tom King with art by John Paul Leon it follows the true story of Henry Louis Johnson, an African-American soldier in World War I who was held up as a war hero but died in poverty. Johnson was only awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2015.

Kim has made the story available for free on his Twitter:

But I’ve been given permission to repost it here as well.
















  1. Beautiful panels in this story, with great graphic shapes and tone rhythms! (dark panels interspersed with lighter areas etc) Thanks for posting this.

  2. Ever since I saw his work on the original Static (Milestone Media) I’ve been impressed with John Paul Leon’s work. Really, really nice. Is he currently working? If not, that’s really a shame. This guy’s craftsmanship is top notch.

  3. John Paul Leon is the best artist working at a mainstream company. Tom King is the best writer working at a mainstream company. John Workman is the best letterer working at a mainstream company. Someone had to say it.

    I assume Sara Miller is an awesome editor, but alas, I am less familiar with her work.

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