I could probably provide a written recap on Monster Pulse, an imaginative fantasy story where internal organs transforms into monsters linked to it’s host, but I would be doing the comic a disservice. Magnolia Porter, the cartoonist behind the series has a wonderful illustrated summary of the series on her website to provide context and explain the premise to new readers. What I will say instead is that Monster Pulse is a charming series. One of the really interesting to witness is how Magnolia’s artistic skills grew since the webcomic started in 2011. She manages to walk an incredibly fine line of merging an all-age comics featuring body horror and monster design.

My colleague Maggie Vicknair had this to say about Monster Pulse in 2016: “As you might expect, the monster designs of Monster Pulse are a huge standout. Straddling the line between cute and Cronenberg. Every monster design is clever, as are their corresponding powers. Monster Pulse starts out in black and white with very angular art, as the series continues the style evolves. The character designs become rounder and color is introduced. Magnolia Porter uses soft, limited color pallets with colored line work that make every page very coherent and appealing.” All of this is still relevant in 2019.

You can read Monster Pulse online and follow Magnolia on Twitter or support her on Patreon for updates on Monster Pulse

Excerpt from Chapter 1 (2011)


Cover for Chapter 33 (2018)