With season two of Gourmet Hound beginning on July 14, now is the perfect time to pull up a chair and dig into the first season! This charming slice-of-life drama is about friendship, food, and the bonds that form between the two. The story follows Lucy Fuji, a woman with a preternatural sense of smell and taste, as she attempts to recreate the flavor of a cherished meal at her favorite restaurant, Dimanche, by tracking down the estranged chefs.

After a chance encounter with former Dimanche chefs Graham and Brie, Lucy takes a part-time job in their cafe and begins her search in earnest. With each former chef she meets, Lucy gets the chance to discover what food means to them and learn more about their personal histories — key ingredients in the recipe that makes the cooking style of each chef unique. Will Lucy ever be able to recreate the taste of home she lost when the chefs of Dimanche disbanded?

Lucy tells Joanna and Walter about her culinary quest in Gourmet Hound chapter three!

Just as the scent of dinner being prepared can fill every corner of a home, the food theme permeates every corner of Gourmet Hound, including the chapter titles, the character names, and the interesting facts about cooking that appear throughout. But fair warning: with beautiful illustrations of meals and Lucy’s evident passion for the culinary arts, it’s impossible to make it through a single episode of this Webtoon without your stomach growling!

You can follow Gourmet Hound‘s creator, Robyn (a.k.a. Leehama), on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and buy her a cup of coffee on Ko-Fi.

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