You may recall hearing that Bendis was bringing his Jinxworld imprint with him to DC.  DC seems to have decide that they ought to show people what that is, which isn’t a bad idea considering how delay-ridden those titles were the last few years.  The solution?  Free digital downloads of #1 issues.

If you’ll click through, you’ll find the first issues of Brilliant, Powers, Scarlet, The United States of Murder Inc and Takio for free.  Below the free issues are digital downloads of many of various independent comics Bendis has worked on over the years.  Notable in its absence is Spunky Todd the Psychic Boy.

The promotion seems to also be in place at Comixology and in Amazon’s Kindle section.

While we haven’t heard the announcement of when the new Jinxworld titles are dropping, it looks like the integration process has begun.