The news issue of international literary magazine Words Without Borders is online and it’s their annual GN issue, with comics from around the world on topics from the Spanish Civil War to the political violence of Peru’s Shining Path, organized labor in France and broken homes in South Africa.

Contributors include Antonio Altarriba and Kim, Jesús Cossio, Étienne Davodeau, Karlien de Villiers, Akino Kondoh, Migo Rollz, and Li-Chen Yin.

There’s also an Oubapo experimental comics section with work by Matt Madden, François Ayroles, Patrice Killoffer, and Etienne Lécroart. “The comic is a medium founded on constraints,’ says Madden. “Even more than prose, comics are subject to rules of sequence and format that to some degree determine the content of each work. Oubapo, founded in France in 1992, seeks to turn these inherent format restrictions into strengths. Paradoxically, the way they do that is by adding even more arbitrary rules and structures that artists can follow in order to make new comics.”

Lots of interesting stuff here, much of it non-fiction, to fill up an idle afternoon at least.

Above a page from Akino Kondoh’s “Ladybirds’ Requiem.”


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