Free Comic Book Day is coming up, and Marvel have today revealed what their release is going to be – Infinity, by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung. This looks like a prelude to the oft-rumoured cosmic event Marvel will be running in Autumn (why have just one event a year?). However, strangely enough there’s no sign of Nova or The Guardians of the Galaxy – instead, this looks to be about the New Avengers and the Uncanny Avengers (remember them?).

Oh, and they’re squaring off against Thanos.


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Where are the Starjammers, Hickman??

Appropriately, Free Comic Book Day will this year also fall on Star Wars Day – May the 4th. DC have announced that their issue will be all about Superman, whilst this Marvel release will also feature a backup story about Thanos’ origin. Everybody’s gone film set-up crazy!


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