Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

When Frank Miller hit the “comeback trail” a few years ago he said he had a ton of ideas…and it looks like he does. A NEW Batman book from Miller’s pen is coming out on December 11th: Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child written by Miller with art by Rafael Grampá.  

The 48-page prestige format tale is described by the publisher as a sequel to Miller’s controversial Dark Knight III: Master Race and takes place three years after the events of that story. Since then, Lara has been learning to be a human and new Batman Carrie has taken over protecting Gotham. When a big bad returns, it’s up to these two to defeat the foe – but they are aided by Jonathan Kent, “The Golden Child” who has strange and massive powers.

“The Dark Knight Returns story began with its heroes getting older,” said Miller. “Now we’re seeing the next generation of heroes in action, and Rafael was the obvious choice for me to usher in these heroes that are vigorous, untested and loaded with promise. I think that Jonathan Kent in particular will surprise everybody with his unforeseen abilities and impossible mind.”

Grampá is probably best known for his comic Mesmo Delivery, and he excels in wildly imaginative art – so a great choice. NO matter where you stand on Miller, it’s exciting to get to see some new art from Grampá!

The book will ship with a bunch of variants, including main and variant covers by Grampá and open to buy variants from Paul Pope, Joëlle Jones, and Andy Kubert, and of course Miller himself.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child will ship as a part of the Black Label line (or content descriptor, as they recently put it in new marketing speak) and it will cost a mere $5.99.
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  1. I like that DC continues to publish new projects from Frank Miller and Neal Adams. How about something new from Jim Starlin (Adam Strange? Levitz Starman? Space Cabby?) or Jerry Ordway (Shazam?) or Keith Giffen (Kamandi?).

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