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We are like, so utterly super swamped today that we can only leave you with the golden oldie from Pilipino Komiks, early cover art from Coching, the Jack Kirby of the Phillipines.

Picture 781.0


  1. I have always admired the look of the work of the Phillipine comic artists. I thought Alfredo Alcala in particular, brought a lush, detailed look to his work on Conan and various other books. And let’s not forget Nester Redondo’s finishes on Joe Kubert’s Rima The Jungle Girl:)

  2. I completely agree. The second piece looks very much like Redondo, as a matter of fact. I loved Rima when it came out, even though that was the era before comic shops and distribution was so spotty it was hard to find. It was beneficial to us all when DC brought over the Philippine artists.

  3. redondo and alcala actually were informal students of coching, they visited cochings studio and learned from the master.kaya youll see a little bit of coching in redondo and alcala’s works(even in alex ninos early works). one of the most influential comic artist in the philippines and one of its greatest that ever lived.

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