With screenings unfolding around the globe, all the buzz on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has been great (100% on Rotten Tomatoes), and last night the film had its world premiere in NYC, with Marvel’s own John Lowe doing some red carpet commentary. Releasing studio Fox has just added to the fun with a new iPad app X-Men EXTRA which plays into the whole conspiracy angle of the film, which follows Xavier and Magneto as young allies in the ’60s. As you can see, the app has some fun with the historical record, ala Boilerplate, imaging Emma Frost standing beside Jackie Kennedy in a fetching go-go booted ensemble. Check out the byline for another in-joke.


Mutants are among us everyday working under deep cover for branches of the U.S. intelligence community, allegedly linked to history-making events and unexplained activities. Within these pages, X-Men EXTRA attempts to expose those activities.

The influence of the X-Men is felt everywhere: From classified meetings at the White House, to negotiations with all sides of the Cuban missile crisis. And when diplomacy isn’t enough the X-Men aren’t afraid to take action.

X-Men EXTRA Magazine will keep you updated periodically as news breaks. Watch for notifications.

The app includes hidden videos and other Easter eggs among the historical information.

The film opens June 3.